My dear Mister Singing Club…

There were ja mal times, where ich dachte, I were the only german Vinyl-Junkie on Insta 😉 Then I came therehinter, that some of my landspeople post in english – geloyal to the motto: The world is a village. And this iss es ja auch. I understand ja ebenfalls, warum you are doing this. But mal under us prayer sisters: I always have to look, when I will kommentier you, ob I can use my german Sprachverliebtheit or if I have to go to a babble. This brings me immer a bisschen pell-mell…

I luv ja the Austausch on Insta with all of you, and so slowly come I therehinter, which one of you I can speak on with my Mothersprache. And don´t misunderstand me, wenn I use more the deutsche Sprache. I can make me therewith einfach mehr understandable. I imagine natürlich, that my words have a strong Gewicht to the World. 😇

I luv it ja, to be nominated for the Vinyl-Challenges. But everytime I have to think after: should I do it in myner or dyner language. I want to be respectful, but I also want not to vergraul my german speaking followers. And hinzu comes: I am from my prinzipielles bottom her a really faules pig 😂 I make only what I must, so I don´t want to schreib my post in two languages.

And where we schon mal thereby sind – and in case if you ask yourself, what the Titelbild soll: can mal anyone erklär me, what that soll with this halfnackte models, which rakel sich with a Schallplatte? It is yes not so, that I wouldn´t risk an eye, but mal truly: I always think „The poor Schallplatte – that leaves doch grease marks on the Vinyl!“ Or am I jetzt a little pingelig? And overhead: in this case I can only concentrate me on how do you get the record clean again!

This mal only in all shortness. It only laid me on the soul.

6 Kommentare zu „My dear Mister Singing Club…

Gib deinen ab

    1. sure understand I you – I have freued me a branch 🙂 but one question: mir hat dein letzter Springsteen-Beitrag sehr gefallen, aber ich konnte den weder liken noch kommentieren… vielleicht bin ich aber auch einfach nur zu stupid 😉

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      1. Reader? Whatever – ich wollte ja nur sagen, dass ich dich um dein Erinnerungsvermögen beneide 😉 du bist beneidenswert detailliert!

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      2. „Reader“ ist das, was Du in Deiner Leseliste hast, nachdem Du Dich mit Deinem WordPress-Account eingeloggt hast. Und unter jedem Abschnitt Deiner so-called Leseliste sind Sprechblase und Sterne. Klickst Du auf den Stern, hast Du geliked.

        Well, das mit dem Erinnerungsvermögen: Die DVD-Aufnahme hat mir schon sehr geholfen. Aber bestimmte Momente bleiben nun einmal unvergesslich 😉

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  1. You treff the nail on the head! This Victorytrain of Denglish in his hardcoreway is a timeghostproblem as well. In a few years no-one speaks more german in a normal way, because political correctness grows and grows – so everyone that uses this hitlerlanguage then, must be nazi as well.

    As long as noch nich soweit is, we könn still lach about the wannebe-americans or englishmen from sauerkrautdale somewhere in needersaxon.

    Please give the girl on the plattenschrank a schnitte more, because she is too dünne.

    Gefällt mir

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